Indian Cliff Brockville Furnished and Unfurnished Apartments

The History of Brockville Apartments

Indian Cliff was the residence of Major James Morrow Walsh from 1884 to 1905. More information on Indian Cliff is available here.

Major James Morrow Walsh was a Canadian hero and a figure of national prominence in the second half of the nineteeth century. He was appointed by Sir John A. MacDonald as one of the ten original officers to form the North-West Mounted Police.

Walsh purchased his home here in 1884 and named it Indian Cliff in recognition of a large outcropping of rock which he had used as an orientation point in the difficult Cypress Hills territory. Retiring in 1898, he retained his political interests in Canadian affairs until his death in 1905, at age 65. Legend has it that prior to his death he had entertained Sitting Bull at Indian Cliff. His wife, Mary, and only daughter, Cora, remained in this house for many years thereafter.